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control your weight

So I enjoy this, you understand, I think, it is finished in a accurate manner, because populace must know the fact!


hey this is the nice conception.this tips will be work fast.if u need a good figure you will be maintain your food properly.either you will be fat.i hope that this is the helpful for us.


I cant believe it works that fast. I better try it for myself.

thyroid j

I always watch the biggest loser. I have gained weight from being hypo thyroid. I recently have lost 27lbs. In 3 months. I am going to reach my goal by march. I have changed everything with food and the way i think about food. I wish i could meet dr. H. I have a lot of questions about being hyper thyroid then getting radiation then getting throid hives and now learning how to live healthy with hypo thyroid. I wish the biggest loser would have a hypo thyroid person on t.v. to show people with this that u do not have to be fat. I do not want to be on the show. I just want to meet dr. H it would be a dream come true to get a great doctors advice.

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