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Hi! I really liked your site!
Keep this great work up!

Amy Harrison

"A stack of push-up bra inserts"


Andy Warhol Lithograph, "Chipped Cereal Bowl"


Cross-section of stacked celeries.

Carl Birkmeyer

Krispy Kreme introduces the new Half Donut for dieters

The Moviequill

Hey Billy, hurry up and change that lightbulb, you guys are getting heavy.


Inside of a sea turtle's coat closet.

Angela F.

Perfect alignment is crucial in caterpiller yoga, lack of a spine is no excuse...ohmmmm...


A tower of summer tealights

Paula Kaatz

"Too much starch in the collars, Sister Mary Ignatius", said the Mother Superior.


the reject eye pile at a baby doll factory


Synchronized jump roping in a parade as seen from above.


Lasik eye surgery as seen by half-asleep opthamologist.

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