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Mark Schneiderman

Droodle #3 caption:

Side view of Barry Bonds before steroids.


As Vincent Price once said: "Nobody would be in this business if he were normal." That duly noted, I'd have to second Alex--writing makes me at least think I'm sane, while I'm doing it (it's when I read what I've written that I start to wonder)...
In terms of recreation? Riding my bike tends to put things in perspective. So does listening to great music. And looking at beautiful women. So if you see me riding my bike on the beach wearing headphones and smiling as my head swings right and left, you're seeing a writer who's temporarily gone very, very sane.

Fun Joel

Yeah, Kristen, it's something that bugs me too. I think it all comes down to balance (little joke, based on my blog last night). But it's actually true. It's important to just exercise self control and find the right balance between work time and "play time." Or alternatively, write about the things you love, which helps meld the two!


Fun Joel -- What if you have *too many* outside interests? 'Tis my problem, and the problem of many others, I think.

The Moviequill

I write to keep sane too. So far the writing hasn't made me crack. If I am having personal problems or thinking about issues, I pick up a notepad and start writing. Sometimes it is a scene (like a serial killer paying a visit to the father-in-law), sometimes it is a memory as a kid I get down on paper. I have tons of notebooks filled with these now.
Other than writing? I live and breathe Nascar or listen to The Stones (member of the fanclub). I used to bowl but injured my foot.

Alex Epstein

Sane? Sane? Heheheheheheh.

Actually, writing keeps me sane. Without it, I become craaaaazy.


Wow, Guyot, I had no idea you lived so far away from Hollywood. That's terrific. Watch out for the twisters, though.


After 20+ years in LA and the 7 working in the "Biz" I couldn't stay sane. My family was being sacrificed - as most are when you're working inside the Hollywood machine.

I had to pick - sanity ot television...

So I left LA (and the TV biz, I thought) for a real life with my family.

Moved my family to the Midwest, and came to terms with the fact I may never write television again. But wanting a life outside the biz was worth it.

So I moved... and as luck would have it - they followed me. I've managed to stay employed even though I'm 2,000 miles away. Now, if they want me to come to town, they have to pay for it, and that's great.

My life has never been better. Where it was once 80% work and 20% home, it is now 95% home and 5% work... much, much nicer numbers.

And I've welcomed sanity back into my world.

Fun Joel

I'll add that you should actually have MANY outside interests. The mroe well rounded you are, the better you'll write, and (more importantly) the more interesting a person you'll be. I don't expect to be writing (professionally) for my entire life, so I look forward to exploring the other interests more fully, down the road! Hopefully even before 50. ;-)


Unfortunately, I haven't found anything to keep me sane yet! But I'm thinking of kayaking.

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